Multicultural and Social Justice-oriented Psychotherapy Science

The lab focuses on clinically-informed research on multicultural and social justice issues in clinician competence (e.g., therapist and agency effects on therapy outcomes for racial/ethnic minority and international individuals) and training (e.g., training program and peer norms related to social justice attitudes and advocacy). To elucidate factors contributing to disparities in therapy for minority clients, we focus on understanding what leads to variability in therapist and agency effectiveness, as well as factors that promote the development of social justice attitude and advocacy action among trainees. In doing so, we employ dyadic (e.g., Actor-Partner Interdependence Model, Truth and Bias Model) and group level (e.g., Multi-level Modeling) analyses that better represent real world therapy and training dynamics compared to individual-level analyses.

  • Center and therapists effects on international students’ counseling outcomes and drop out
  • Validation of the CCAPS for international students
  • International student clients and trajectory of suicidal risk

*denotes student co-authors

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